Then ⏮ & Now ⏩: The Sphinx

By Alexandra Prince

Recently we shared a postcard image of The Sphinx, a large boulder that sits above Kaaterskill Clove, on our social media pages. The first image shows this tremendous rock today, during the Fall of 2021.

The Sphinx, also known as Noah’s Ark, was included as a hiking destination in Samuel Rusk’s 1879 work “An Illustrated Guide to the Catskill Mountains with Maps and Plans.” Rush describes The Sphinx or Noah’s Ark as “a curiously shaped rock, being about twenty feet high, with a base of ten feet square and its upper side projecting so as to resemble the prow of a ship…The Ark stands close on the brink of a precipice on the side of the Cauterskill Clove, commanding a fine view thereof.”

Photo by author. Fall 2021.

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