Mission Statement,
Values, and Vision

On Monday, August 28th, 2023, we celebrated 50 years of service to the Mountain Top community as we discover, preserve, share and interpret all aspects of Mountain Top history. We honored our founders, current and former board members and presidents and all our volunteers with exhibits documenting our local history.

A recording of speeches and presentations from our 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Adopted Saturday, April 15, 2023

In honor of our 50th Anniversary, our Board of Directors adopted the following statements to guide our endeavors for the next 50 year of development and discovery.

Mission Statement:

By discovering, interpreting, sharing and preserving Catskill Mountain Top History, the Mountain Top Historical Society seeks to strengthen our community by sharing stories, inspiring dialogue, and encouraging an understanding of the history, people, and cultures of the Catskill Mountain Top and surrounding region. The MTHS provides a destination for exploring history and for connecting people to the past, present, and future of the Catskill Mountain Top and its environments.


As a primarily volunteer organization, the MTHS is committed to diversity and inclusion, enhanced and supported volunteerism, and collaborative community engagement.


Working within a rural community and the distinctive Catskill Mountain Top environment, with the support of its members and community partners, the MTHS seeks to educate residents and visitors to become better-informed citizens and appreciators of Mountain Top history