The Mountain Top Historical Society (MTHS) is dedicated to discovering, preserving, interpreting and sharing the unique and rich history of the Mountain Top region in Greene County, NY.

We are a not-for-profit organization founded in 1974 and engage in activities and programs that enrich understanding and foster appreciation of the Mountain Top’s history, geology, literature, culture, and folklore in a variety of ways:

  • Annual Open House – Free event featuring entertainment, lectures and exhibits held on the fourth Saturday in August on the MTHS campus.
  • Archival Collections – We collect and preserve documents and photographs related to Mountain Top history to keep them in the public trust and available for research.
  • Educational Programs – We maintain an ongoing collaboration with our local schools to help students understand the history of the area.
  • The Hemlock – Our quarterly publication includes historical sketches, updates on our activities and other areas of interest to our members.
  • Popular Hiking Series – May to October the MTHS’s seasoned hike leaders explore the region, enriching the hiking experience with local folklore, geology and history.
  • Public History Information – We field many queries related to local history from residents and visitors.
  • Oral History – Preserving the stories of diverse voices and experiences on the Mountain Top.
  • Scholarly Resource – Materials and information have been supplied to writers and researchers from the National Geographic, The New York Times, the Smithsonian and other publications.
  • Summer Lectures – Monthly programs feature experts on interesting topics such as the grand hotels, railroads, Native American history and indigenous plant and animal life.
  • Workshops – Conducted by scholars and professionals in genealogy, the humanities and other areas of interest
  • Visitors’ Center – Provides information on hiking trails, maps, history books, and history exhibits
  • Ulster & Delaware Train Depot – Maintenance of a historic train depot from the Ulster and Delaware Railroad. This depot serves as a space for exhibitions and events. 
Thomas Nast’s classic 1866 print “Sketches Among the Catskill Mountains” which appeared in Harper’s Weekly over a hundred fifty years ago in July 1866. Nast is considered the “Father of the American [political] Cartoon,” and for good reason. He introduced the elephant and the donkey to represent the Republican and Democratic parties, created a series of cartoons that helped bring down Boss Tweed and, in a lighter vein, created the image of Santa Claus that persists to this day.

1962 Hunter Baseball team

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