Questions about MTHS's Support of the Mountain House Guest Register

  • Why is this 1840s ledger worth the potential cost of $7,500 or perhaps more?

    The Catskill Mountain House was the most significant hotel in Greene County, and one of the most significant in all of America. Its guests included many of the most notable people of its day. It was the home base for many artists of the Hudson River School, and served poets and other literary figures of the 19<sup>th</sup> century, political and business leaders and notable guests from around the world.

  • Why the Vedder -- Why not MTHS or some other Greene county organization?

    The Vedder now has four original Desk Registers from the Mountain House. They have been available for research for many years. To bring this newly available one to the Vedder will complement both the existing collection and the new acquisition.

  • Why should MTHS and other local organizations step back and aid rather than compete for the prize of this “beyond rare” ledger?

    The potential cost of the ledger is beyond the budget of most local organizations and many private collectors. In some cases, to recoup the expense of such a purchase, a volume of this type is sometimes dismantled and sold piecemeal in order to make a profit.

  • Do we stand a chance?

    We hope so in any case, we don’t think we should pass this by. If people who might consider bidding on this for a private collection see the value of it becoming part of an existing collection at an organization that will value and protect it while making it available to an interested public they might join in our effort to bring it home.Other organizations in the area may also see this as an important opportunity to bring it home and enhance their mission while joining in this local and regional goal.

  • We must act quickly!

    Bids must be completed by September 24. Please don’t delay your pledge to donate. It will only be activated if the GCHS/Vedder bid is the winning one. Nevertheless, your bid is a commitment. Pledge only if you are willing and able to provide the funds you commit to within 24 hours of notice that ours is the winning bid. Of course, you will be responsible only if ours is the winning bid.