August 25, 2015

The Mountain Top Historical Society owes thank yous to more people than we can possibly name in a single letter!  Please accept these thanks by category and know that we are thanking each one of you as individuals.  For a successful Local History Day on August 15th at the MTHS campus in Haines Falls, thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers from all of the local historical associations who spent the day sharing their expertise with the people who came by.  Thank you to the vendors, the people who donated food, the Twilight Park Day Camp counselors, the members of the Board of the MTHS, the MTHS program committee, the Mt. Top Arboretum, the Patchworkers, the volunteers in our Visitors' Center, and the volunteers who cleaned up at the end of the day.  Thank you to Larry Tompkins and to the trustees from Sheriff Seeley's program that provides help to not-for-profits.  They are the ones who prepped the barn for the big day.  Jay Fink and Patti Morrow anchored the WRIP broadcast from the train station,.  Carver Blanchard stopped by to share some music with us.  Mike Ryan did a great job ofdocumenting the proceedings.  Thank you Jay, Patti, Carver, and Mike.  Thanks to Todd Whitley and Draga Susanj for bringing the Calico Indian Showdown to the our place.Thank you to everyone who came by and listened to presentations, made donations, and purchased food and 50/50 raffle tickets.  It was a true community event! 

Thank you all!
Cyndi LaPierre President, MTHS